Our goals

Our primary goal is to raise trophy quality shooter bucks for Ohio game preserves. As the population increases, especially in Northeastern Ohio, we find it is becoming harder and harder to find areas to have a successful hunt or to take your children on the trip of a lifetime.

To this extent, we are striving to breed and feed our deer to maximize horn growth and body structure.

As we increase our herd, we would also like to explore providing venison and especially Axis to a select restaurant as a speciality to introduce the public to the superb quality and heart healthy venison as "the other red meat".

Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring is in the air.......

Joe's busy getting the pastures rotated and reseeded....anxiously awaiting those spring whitetail fawns. We've upgraded our feeders to cut down on waste and have tweeked the feed mixture....looking for some great antlers this year! I'll work on getting some updated photos as soon as the new growth starts.

The Axis of course birth year round and that has been our ongoing challenge with the fawns and cold weather. With the expanded barn, we thought we had things pretty well in hand and didn't lose as many winter fawns as in the past...we did catch one doe fawn starting to show signs of stress with the cold and get her started on a bottle. She has been sold to Linda Vermules to add to her herd of bottle raised Axis...Thanks! We've had a few that the new barn setup have saved throughout the winter, but are still working on better "heated" creep areas for the fawns to not get trompled.

The fallow are enjoying the weather and it's fun to watch them romp.

Joe's Trophy Room