Our goals

Our primary goal is to raise trophy quality shooter bucks for Ohio game preserves. As the population increases, especially in Northeastern Ohio, we find it is becoming harder and harder to find areas to have a successful hunt or to take your children on the trip of a lifetime.

To this extent, we are striving to breed and feed our deer to maximize horn growth and body structure.

As we increase our herd, we would also like to explore providing venison and especially Axis to a select restaurant as a speciality to introduce the public to the superb quality and heart healthy venison as "the other red meat".

Saturday, August 2, 2014

2014 Update

Just a much overdo update.  Life happens and it seems to go much faster the older we get.  After many years of raising various species of livestock, most recently the deer as witnessed on this blog, we had the opportunity to sell our farm and make the hard decision to downsize.  We disbursed our herd and made the move allowing us to spend cold Ohio winters at a condo in SW Florida.....not necessarily a bad thing, but we no longer own any livestock....aside from our faithful dogs.  We toyed with keeping a few deer on the 4 acres we downsized to, but in the end decided it was best for both 2 legged and 4 legged critters to part ways and go on with life.  We will always remember the pleasure, heartaches and joy we had during the time we were able to raise these beautiful creatures.  Enjoy the photos on the blog and if we can answer any questions, you can still call, but we no longer have any deer for sale of any species.  The Remington's.

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